Introducing Killsplosion!

We are very pleased to announce the release of the first edition of the ransom model supported RPG, Killsplosion! Featuring the art of Violet Kirk, the fiction of RPPR co-host, Tom Church and the game design skills of Ross Payton, this completely FREE RPG should satiate your urge to fight and explode the other players in your group.

Killsplosion will be updated on a regular basis so feel free to send in further playtests and comments on it, either in the comments here or on the RPPR forums. In the next few months, I will design a Zombies vs. Humans expansion for Killsplosion and release a ‘designer’s edition’ with audio commentary. If Killsplosion gets a good response from the community, I may hold a future ransom for more Killsplosion material, so show your support. Post about it, get your friends to try it and have fun killsploding your enemies!

Download Killsplosion first edition [PDF]

Download the Killsplosion character sheet [PDF]

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